West Indian Government: Reports from Religious Congregations regarding births, St. Croix


This archive series contains reports from the various congregations on St. Croix concerning births (baptisms) in the period 1841-1909. Apart from the name of the congregation, the date of the baptism and the names of the child, the reports also state the names of the father and mother, their place of residence, religion and the names of godmothers and -fathers.

The task in this archive series is indexing (tagging). This means, that we focus primarily on transcribing personal names, place names and dates. By transcribing these data you will make it easier for others, for instance genealogists, to find a document that contains a certain name they are looking for without transcribing the entire document. Exactly what we would like you to transcribe and how, you will see in the transcription guide.

You find the specific transcription guide for this series here: https://www.sa.dk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/reports-from-religious-congregations-regarding-births.pdf

The image shows the Roman Catholic church of St. Peter and Paul in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, c. 1881. Colorized drawing by Frederik Visby. Original held at the Maritime Museum of Denmark, Elsinore, image no. 000035618.

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Name Transcriptions
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1841 - 1846 842 Klar til indtastning 0 16 858
1847 - 1857 727 Klar til indtastning 0 15 742
1858 - 1863 532 Klar til indtastning 0 13 545
1873 - 1884 623 Klar til indtastning 0 6 629
1885 - 1890 773 Klar til indtastning 0 6 779
1891 - 1909 618 Klar til indtastning 0 19 637