Chamber of Customs, West India and Guinea Revenue Office: Payrolls of the West Indian Military Forces


This archive series contains payrolls for the military forces in the Danish West Indies in the period 1762-1770. The payroll is an annual register of the soldiers, officers as well as privates, who were enrolled in the West Indian army. After 1770 this register was called a muster roll (Mandtalsrulle). The roll is written in German and contains the individual soldier’s name, rank, number in the roll and information on changes in the status of the individual during the year. Changes in status could be promotion, dismissal, desertion or death. As there were many deaths among the soldiers there were many changes in status and many vacant positions.

The task in this archive series is indexing (tagging). This means, that we focus primarily on transcribing personal names, place names and dates. By transcribing these data you will make it easier for others, for instance genealogists, to find a document that contains a certain name they are looking for without transcribing the entire document. Exactly what we would like you to transcribe and how, you will see in the transcription guide.

You find the specific transcription guide for this series here:

The image shows the uniforms of the troops in the Danish West Indies as they looked around 1761. Detail from ”Die Königl. Trouppen in West-Indien”, in Carl Bertram, Vorstellung der sämtlichen Königl. Dänischen Armee, Copenhagen, 1761. p. 73. Held by the Royal Library, Denmark (see: )

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Danish West Indies

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1762 - 1765 331 0 83 414
1766 - 252 0 156 408
1767 - 505 0 94 599
1768 - 572 0 12 584
1769 - 372 0 11 383
1770 - 372 0 76 448