West Indian Gendarmerie, Main force in Christiansted: Muster rolls for privates


The series contains pages from the muster roll (overview) of privates in the West Indian Gendarmerie Corps on  St. Croix between approximately 1914 and 1916. The muster roll states the soldier’s name, physical characteristics, date of birth, place of birth, designation in the register etc. The gendarmerie was a semi-military corps that functioned as both police and military on the islands.

The task in this archive series is indexing (tagging). This means, that we focus primarily on transcribing personal names, place names and dates. By transcribing these data you will make it easier for others, for instance genealogists, to find a document that contains a certain name they are looking for without transcribing the entire document. Exactly what we would like you to transcribe and how, you will see in the transcription guide.

This is a photo of gendarme no. 66, 1916-17, E. Hansen of the Royal Danish West Indian Gendarmerie. Property of the Maritime Museum of Denmark, file no. 000027264.

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Danish West Indies

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